Forensic Odontology

*Forensic odontology is the application of dental science to a legal investigation.


*It involves the identification of the victim or accused by comparing dental records.


*Various structures present in the oral cavity can be used to detect the main victim behind the scene like bite marks(plays an important role in rape cases), lip marks, comparison of teeth with the records if present.DNA present in the saliva can be helpful to the way extent.


*The main reason for taking dental as an investigative procedure because like DNA every individual has different varying oral structures from another person. Each individual will differ from others.


*If we talk about bite marks they can be found on buttocks, breast, back, forearms.


*Bite marks can be of different types-hemorrhage, abrasion, lacerated, convulsion, artifact, etc.


*In cases of rape bite marks can easily be detected and found over the victim’s body and can be used as an investigative part.


*Lip marks can also be taken into consideration especially in cases of robbery where the victim might have used some utensils to drink wine and his lip marks have come upon that.


*In rape or harassment cases lip marks can also be found.


*Teeth plays an important role in age detection. Tooth eruption from primary teeth to mixed dentition to the permanent dentition to an extent is related to age estimation.


*The state and wear patterns of an individual’s teeth may give insight into a person’s age, as pipe-smoking and eating disorders.


*Some of the dental malformations are also present in some individuals like talon’s cusp, supernumerary teeth, etc. which plays an important role in individualization.


*Also every individual has a different shape and size of teeth.


*Next, comes the rugae pattern can also be used as a sole method of deceased person identification. Palatal rugae are shown to have high individualization and consistency in shape throughout life.


*DNA in the saliva plays an important role in sex identification.


*The main role of forensic odontologist come into play when there is burn case where other body parts have been burnt fully but teeth have a tendency to bear high temperature so they definitely are found in those cases in factories etc.


*There needs a major change in study pattern where dentists need to be trained about aspects of forensic odontology.