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by : Dr. Ashit Oberoi

Smoking & Life

Smoking has become a new trend these days. Not only adults but teens have been seen smoking, an increased ratio in girls has also been noticed.

Smoking is of three types:- Active ( The Smoker), passive (The person who inhales the exhaled smoke from the smoker )& third hand smoking (from mother to the foetus.)

Nicotine is a substance that is the major addictive cause of smoking. When we smoke tobacco nicotine is released into blood via lungs and reaches brain there it releases neurotransmitters which are responsible for mood elevation.

The main causes associated with smoking are peer pressure, stress, genetics, age etc.

The symptoms will be noticed earliest in the oral cavity – the teeth become yellow, colour of the mucosa & gums becomes dark greyish black from pink, sensitive teeth, cough etc.

The complication arises with a chronic smoker- heart diseases, cataract, lungs cancer, diabetes, impotency, infertility, altered taste sensation etc.

Smoking not only destroys your physical health but socially, economically &mentally.

Smoking is a “habit” & habit can’t be left in a day. The major drawback of quitting smoking suddenly for those who are chronic smokers is withdrawal symptoms - those are headache, restlessness, anger, irritability, hunger etc.

So, the best way to quit smoking is to decrease the number of cigarettes day by day rather than quitting in a single go.

“Quite Smoking, Live Longer, Live Life”!!

Dental Peace