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by : Dr. Ashit Oberoi

General Health

All the three are interlinked (oral health, general health and quality of life) in one or the other perspective. You will get to know the interconnection as you read the further article.

General health and quality of life are fully dependent on oral health; oral heath plays a primary role. When a person has carious lesion in teeth he will not be able to eat properly, if pain is present in teeth then it will automatically hampers the person’s mood spoiling his general heath and attitude.

Socioeconomical status of a person also really matters; both poor and good socioeconomical status effects the oral and general heath. If a person has a poor standard of living that is with low socioeconomical status then he will not be able to maintain his good oral hygiene and general health. But, a person with good standard of living then he will definitely maintain his good health, but it is seen that they have more of the carious lesion then the middle class or low class family because of the eating habits, diet having more of sugary and sticky content and they merely give attention to oral care then the general outlook. Whereas on the other hand it is noticed that poor people will have less of caries but more of tobacco chewing related disorders.

Caries affects nutrition, weight and growth. Dental problems the effect chewing mechanism affects of intake of dietary fibre and lead to deficiency of vitamins and other supplements like iron.

Stress also plays an important in maintaining of oral as well as general health. Person in stress will most probably will smoke, drink alcohol, has sleep disruption; eating disorder, all these factors contribute to poor oral and general health.

So, all these three go hand in hand, you need to balance all three to be disease free.

Dental Peace