Course overview

Day 1

  • Planning Pre-operative assessment and Prosthetics
  • How to treat the edentulous patient
  • What to plan with diagnostic stent?
  • Initial examination of the patient
  • Diagnosing the patient
  • Selecting the specific treatment plan
  • Understanding occlusal and smile design
  • Treatment options for the edentulous arch-choice of fixed or removable prosthesis
  • Functioning of the full mouth rehabilitation
  • Screening complex cases for joint, tissue and occlusal aspects
  • Placement of surgical stent and implants


Day 2

  • Preparing the tooth and managing the tissue
  • Basics of Impression
  • Bite raising: Myths and confusions
  • Fundamentals of occlusion in full mouth reconstruction
  • Proposed implant - Prosthetic Design
  • Prosthesis options: Temporary and Fixed prosthesis
  • Clinical procedures regarding loading protocols for endosseous implants
  • Implant loading protocol in edentulous cases
  • Basic occlusal principles (balanced, group function and mutually protected occlusion)


Day 3

  • Guidelines for selecting  appropriate loading protocol
  • Aesthetic concerns for a fixed prosthesis
  • Conventional vs the early immediate loading
  • Learning about temporary provisionalization
  • Understanding facebow transfer and centric relation records
  • Augmentation protocols explained


  • Facebow transfer
  • Centric relation record
  • Live clinical demo
  • Patient handling 

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